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Types of Legacies

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Guardian Responsibilities

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Protect your Legacy

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I bet you didn't know this...

You already have an estate

You don't have to be wealthy or retired to have an estate, in fact if you own anything then you have an estate, this is why you need estate planning.

Updating your plan is almost as important as creating it

There is one thing to bare in mind when taking the steps to organise your estate - it's not final unless you become incompetent or pass away. You can change your mind, and your estate plan, throughout your lifetime.

If you don't have a plan, your state of residence will step in

If you have not organised your own estate, this doesn't mean you are doomed. However what it may mean is that your loved ones could potentially try to do it for you. Although, this means that it would be a very lengthy and costly procedure. Eventually a time will come where you pass away and if you do not have a planned estate, then you may be at risk of all your belongings going to the court. 

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